Tips on Sealing Your Asphalt Driveways in Melbourne

Your asphalt driveways will undergo a deterioration due to a number of factors such as UV rays from the sun, too much heat  or even salt on the driveways. There are, however, some excellent ways through which you can protect the asphalt driveways Melbourne homeowners currently have like sealing of the driveways, carrying out regular maintenance work as well as the protection of the driveways.

Making Preparations for Driveway Sealing

There are various products that asphalt contractors can use in order carry out professional sealing of the driveways such as a no-mix driveway sealer.  It is important to gain sufficient information about the product before you buy it. The asphalt sealers used on the driveways will cure within only a few hours and the driveway will be ready for use in less than 48 hours.

When sealing the asphalt driveways Melbourne clients install, it is important to ensure that the ambient temperature is a minimum of 60F or more before you apply the sealer and after applying the sealer. In case it is raining or about to rain, do not apply the sealer as this will interfere with the curing process for the driveway.

If you live in a location that has lots of fog or morning dew, it is important to stop the coating process for the asphalt driveways Melbourne has to offer before 3 pm. This will prevent the sealer from washing off the driveway surface. For the best outcomes of the asphalt coating, it is important to apply two thin coats instead of a single thick coat. If there are repairs on the driveway surface such as cracks or potholes, it is important to allow for up to 6 months for curing before applying the asphalt sealer.

Applying the Sealer

Unless you have experience and expertise in paving work, it is important to entrust this to a professional commercial asphalt services Melbourne has to offer. The coverage of the sealer will be affected by how permeable the surface is. Typically, a pail of asphalt driveway surface will cover anywhere from 300ft to 350ft. It is, therefore, important to carry out proper measurements when you are planning to make purchases for your sealers.

Clean the Surface

Before applying the sealer, carry out a thorough surface cleaning  to clear off all the dirt and debris from the pavement surface. Trim any shrubs along the pavement and edge the areas along the turf.

Any surfaces which you do not want to seal should be taped off. These can include surfaces such as gutters, concrete and brick. In order to get a clean sealer application on the asphalt driveway, you can apply the sealer material with a dry brush.

Once you have made these preparations, the sealer is poured from one end of the pavement to the other. The sealer is subsequently spread this with the use of a squeegee tool into a very thin layer. You can apply second layer perpendicular to the first layer of sealer material. The two coats must overlap and ensure the surface is fully covered with the sealer material.

Installations of asphalt driveway Melbourne builders recommend cost a lot of money and it is important to take adequate measures in order to ensure maximum protection of these surfaces. When planning your asphalt driveway sealing, it is always important to make advance planning for smooth results.