The Rise of Electronic Scoreboards in Sporting Events

A scoreboard is an important feature in any sporting event. Its main function is to track the game activity, such as the scores for each team competing and the time. Prior to the introduction of electronic scoreboard Australia has to offer, there was a designated scorekeeper for each sporting event. The scorekeeper’s sole responsibility is to switch out numbers in portholes in order to correspond to the actual running score for each game. This was the traditional method of keeping track of score in sporting games in the past. But with the development of new technology, electronic scoreboards were introduced into the market.

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In today’s sporting industry, there are several athletic events that employ the use of these scoreboards. From basketball, to baseball, to football, athletics, running events and more – all of these sports events use electronic scoreboards Australia has today. The score display systems are housed inside wall-mounted enclosure that is covered in polypropylene panels and aluminum frame.

Benefits of Electronic Scoreboards

An electronic scoreboard Australia has today makes it easier to manage and view the scores, especially scores updated in real-time. There is no need to use a step and ladder because a keyboard and monitor is all that is needed to keep the score (and fans) updated. Aside from this fact, here are a few reasons why electronic scoreboards are proving to be huge benefits in sporting events:

• The LED number display is bright and clear, even from afar. Hence, all of the fans are able to see the score updates no matter where they are seated.

• The electronic scoreboard is hooked with an automatic and powerful horn system. This makes it easier for athletes to be notified about the time once it has elapsed during the play.

• It displays more than just the score – it provides all the valuable information about the game that the fans (and the sports teams) need to know.

Different Types of Electronic Scoreboards

A conventional scoreboard comes with a rectangular shape. However, there are several new configurations available in the market to suit the needs of various sporting activities. Some stadiums have specialized shapes to suit the team or the advertisers’ needs.

Aside from the shape, electronic scoreboards also differ in terms of where the sporting event is held. It can be an indoor or outdoor scoreboard. Indoor scoreboards come with an enclosed roof or attached to the ceiling of the stadium.

Finally, the technology used for displaying the scores has evolved too. LED displays were popular with major sporting leagues such as the NBA, NFL and MLB, among others. This makes the scores visible from afar, which is important on big stadiums. Newer technologies also introduced larger screens to accommodate advertising displays along with the team scores. This requires more advanced picture display technology to showcase high quality images and advertising messages.

There are a wide range of options available for electronic scoreboard Australia has today. If you are a sports fan, it is a technology that is most convenient to you so you can keep track of the game’s development even when you are seated far from the center of the action on a sports stadium.