Polymer and plastic manufacturing: A Closer Look

Polymer manufacturing is whereby companies produce plastic compounds via the addition of additives or other substances which are capable of functioning as a main structural component of final materials. Polymer in this case is any macromolecular substance obtained by a polymerization process such as polyaddition or polycondensation or any other process of monomers and other starting substances.  The aim is to come up with high quality polymers and plastics for industries that require them. The polymers and plastics produced are advanced to a high quality standard, compared to the other plastics, by a skilled staff. Some of the polymer compounds produced include:

  • Thermoplastic elastomers
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene
  • Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin &
  • Polyvinyl Chloride

 The staff in the companies are experienced in the polymer sector. The deep knowledge of polymer compounds helps the employees to cater for the customer needs by coming up with new custom formulas.

Companies also manufacture high-quality Thermoplastic Elastomers Compounds. The tpe polymer compounders combine the properties of TPO. This allows them to have the following advantages:

  • They are flexible
  • They have good low temperature characteristics
  • They have the ability to resist oil
  • Redundant to flames of PVC

The polymers come in diverse TPE grades crafted to move in specific markets. The large business development in the company is credited to custom compounding. The TPE products manufactured are for the wire, cable and footwear retail. They are great for wiring because of:

  • Low temperature
  • Flexibility. This makes it great for using in wind turbines and robotic application
  • Ability to resist oil.

For footwear, the PVC/Nitrile blends make it easy to resist oil, they are abrasive and are not able to slip easily, making it the best product for polymer manufacturing.

Advanced polymer manufacturing is a method employed so as to increase and improve the quality and quantity of the polymers and plastics they manufacture. The technical staff which is highly experienced and has a deep knowledge of the market and the industry, strive to produce products that will satisfy the customer. The advanced polymer manufacturing has not only seen the development in growth of PVC, TPO, TPR and TPE formulations, but also has specialized in polyolefin that are flame redundant.

S&E is an example of a company that deals with custom polymer manufacturing, and it is one of the leading companies in manufacturing the best plastic compounds. It also deals with producing speciality polymers. The speciality polymer is a plastic compounder that is used in wires and cables, cars, battery energy, shoes and consumer. The custom polymer manufacturing sector deals with also developing swim dive fins. They have highly invested on state of the art equipment and S&E Specialty Polymers staff, help in developing custom formulas that meet the specific needs of individuals. A company may also have ISO systems that help in the advanced polymer manufacturing by producing products that have the best quality. Laboratories in the companies are essential because they ensure that the polymer manufacturing is smooth and that excellent testing results are offered to the customers.